Emotional Freedom Alchemy – MicroDosing FAQs

How often and when should I microdose?

If you are brand new to microdosing, we recommend starting with the basic protocol of 1 microdose (a single capsule) every other day. First thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

However, do not be “attached” to this protocol. If you feel that on one day you need to microdose because you are going through an emotionally intense day, then it may be helpful to microdose even if it lands on an “off day”.

Over time, we recommend transitioning to 1 day on, and then 2 days off. As you learn and understand, the states that it brings you to, are available even when you’re not microdosing.

Ultimately, you learn to listen to your body, and know what days you should microdose, and how much, in a way that is truly serving and in harmony with what you need on each and every day. This requires learning to communicate clearly with your body; which you will cultivate even deeper as we go through this program together.

How much should I microdose?

Here is a simple formula.

First, answer each few of these questions:

  • How much do you weigh?

a. Under 130 lbs

b. 130 – 180 lbs

c. 180+ lbs

  • Do you want to “feel the medicine” or for it to be more in the “background”?

a. I want a very mild experience

b. I want to feel it slightly

c. I want to really feel it

  • What is your prior experience with psychedelics?

a. None

b. A little bit

c. A lot

  • Are you taking any SSRIs or Anti-Depressants?

a. Yes

b. No

If you answered “yes” to the last question “Are you taking any SSRIs or Anti-Depressants?” your answer is 25 – 50mg *(Under the care of a medical professional).

If You Are Taking SSRIs Please Read

I understand there are people in this program, wanting to come off of antidepressants, with the support of psilocybin. Please note, I am not a medical professional, and everything contained here is not to be construed as medical advice.

We believe it would be best to consult a psychedelic psychotherapist for professional medical advice, including awareness of how to use psilocybin for weening off of antidepressants. Above all, we recommend going slow, and listening to your body. More information is found below, on the topic of “Psilocybin For Coming off of Antidepressants.”  it can be found in the question below “How Can I Use Psilocybin to Wean Off of Anti-Depressants?”

For future reference: We intend to create a relationship with a psychedelic psychotherapist to provide future introductions (in progress)

Next, Tally up the value of each of your answers:

A = 1
B = 3
C = 5

How Much To Start Microdosing:

If 3 – 6: 50-100mg
If 7 – 9: 100-150mg
If 10 – 15: 200 – 250mg

Why don’t I feel anything?

There are many things we want to share to address this question.

1. The effect of psilocybin microdosing is intended to be subtle

The entire concept of psilocybin microdosing is designed to bring the benefits of psilocybin into our lives, slowly and subtly. 

Many times, a large dose of psilocybin can be extremely powerful, but really ungrounding, and hard to integrate  the meaning and impact back into ones life.

The purpose of this practice of microdosing, is to receive the benefits of this sacred medicine, in a subtle way, over time. 

The deeper effects of microdosing are experienced when you continue for at least 30 days or more.

It is about a build-up and a cumulative effect that happens through your consistency with this practice. And…

2. Expanding Body Awareness

No matter what size of mg you are taking, there IS an effect on your body. Many times, we aren’t aware of the more subtle changes in our perception, because of how active the mind is, or because a lack of not training the awareness of the subtle body.

There is nothing wrong with this, but learning to listen to the more subtle shifts that are happening on very deep physical and energetic levels, is something that becomes easier with time and strengthened through consistency. Naturally, this entire program is here to help you train this part of your awareness, on the subtle bodies.

Through becoming more aware of the subtle body, we become more aware of the subtle shifts within us… and thus become more equipped and able to stop reactive patterns from exploding unconsciously. We become able to detect imbalances, when they stem first from within, before they are exploded externally. This is why it is so important to develop awareness of the inner body.

3. The Energetic Impact

Beyond what you feel on a physical / mental level, there is a deeper effect on an energetic level within you. This medicine is known to clear energetic imbalances and blocks within our body.

Since we’re not having a Ceremonial Dose (which is how much you would take for a full journey), and instead having a microdose (1/10 – 1/20 of a Ceremonial Dose), the impact of the medicine is cumulative and builds up over time. 

Above all, this medicine is harmonizing and balancing energies within you, on very deep, subtle levels. Consistency and time, will show you how deeply you actually do feel the impact of this microdosing practice.

Can I increase my microdose?

Yes, absolutely.

How, would depend on the situation you’re experiencing:

  1. If you’re just starting and finding you don’t “feel it enough”. Test out a single microdose (same mg + same blend) at least three times. If you find it still doesn’t “feel right”, then increase the dose by 50mg.
  2. If you’ve already been microdosing for at least a month, and want to increase your dose then, I would first recommend you actually add an extra day of break between your microdoses first.

    So, if you were microdosing once every other day, I would then do: 1 day on, 2 days off. If that feels right for you, this may support your body to create more contrast between when you have the medicine, and when you don’t.

    This contrast between the two states (of having your microdose and not having your microdose), proves to make the microdose experience more palpable, as if you were increasing the dose.

  3. If you do not want to do “1 day on, 2 days off”, that is okay, but do know that your body will build a tolerance to the medicine if you take it every other day and continue to increase the dosage.

    The point of this medicine is not to “feel it” so strongly (so if you start “feeling it less”, you just increase the dose).

    Rather, it is about showing us what the state of deep inner connectedness feels like… With this, and the practices shared throughout the program, we learn how to live in that state of inner connection, even when we don’t have very much medicine, or even none at all. This is the ultimate purpose of the medicine.

How do I know if I’ve got the “right microdose”?

When it comes to microdosing, the general intention would be a very light or even sub-perceptible (not noticeable) impact to our awareness / consciousness. Yet, being open, sensitive, and more aware of all that is moving through and within us. (Thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgements, controlling tendencies etc)

A microdose is often aimed to have a very slight effect on our perception, so that we can still “operate as normal” in our world of responsibilities.

There is a beautiful space of being open and sensitive, more in touch with ourselves and how we feel, while still being able to operate and function in our life of responsibilities.

A “right microdose” is generally felt as a deeper connection with oneself, the heart, and normally makes us more sensitive and present, while still being able to interact with the external world.

Can I change the blend that I microdose with?

Yes, however, we would recommend you experiment with one blend for at least 3-5 times before coming to a conclusion about it.

For Example:  If you’re currently microdosing with the Brain Booster 50m, and you want to try the Adaptogen Blend, 50mg. We would recommend you use the Brain Booster 50mg, at least 3 times, before experimenting with other blends.

Can I take more than one capsule? What is the maximum amount you suggest for a micro dos?

Yes, you can take more than one capsule. 

However, please be aware that it’s not a “drug” to just “feel” in the background of whatever you do with life. But a medicine to consciously use and work with for powerful inner work (ie. the practices I share with you in the program).

The only difference between a drug and a medicine is the intention behind it. So if your intention is truly and genuinely for a deeper connection to yourself, your heart, and the healing gifts of this medicine, then feel free to have as much that feels right to you.

If your intention is more to use it to “escape” feeling something, or to emotionally avoid something within yourself, then, that is what makes it a drug, and we would NOT recommend increasing your dose.

This medicine is not just here to “make life easier”, but as a tool to amplify our intention of profound inner discovery.

We recommend keeping below 500mg/day for microdosing.

Above that, and you’re no longer “microdosing”, but moving into “small ceremonial doses” which is beautiful, but requires a different set of intentions & guidelines. 

We will be teaching more about how to hold your own self-guided ceremony, later in this program. For now, please continue to go through our education, as it will help you develop important psychic skills, which are important for later parts of the program. (ie. How to create a strong protected space for your own self-guided ceremonial journey)

How do I avoid nausea?

On rare occasions, people may find that they feel nauseous when starting to microdose. However, this often goes away after 1-2 weeks.

If this problem persists, and does not change after 1-2 weeks, we recommend you first eat something light, with high water content (juice, smoothie, or fruit), then microdose after 1 hour.

Note: Having food in your stomach, will reduce the noticeable effects of the medicine.

1. Since there is already food in your stomach, it will be digested & enter the bloodstream slower. And…

 2. The two systems that require the most energy in the body are the Brain and Digestion. So when you’re digesting, there is a massive amount of energy, blood & awareness being redirected to the GI Tract, and not to the Brain. So you will feel it much less on a mental level. This is why a fasted state is much more effective when microdosing.

Is it better to microdose in the morning or night?

There’s no problem with microdosing later in the day, however, if you have eaten already, it will mean you would feel the medicine less, on a physical, emotional and mental level. There is nothing wrong with it though, it is just most effective in the morning. 

If you are going to microdose in the afternoon, we recommend a lighter meal before hand (soup, salad, smoothies, juice, no meat, higher water content), and at least 3 hours before microdosing.

Is it ok for my child to microdose?

(This is a colloquial opinion & perspective, as we are not medical professionals.)

Personally, I say yes, I feel this is okay. When approached with deliberate intent and purpose. 

In the Amazon, there are children taking ayahuasca at 7 years old, and experiencing full ceremonies by 12 or 13. 

If you are to proceed with supporting your child with microdosing, so that they don’t need to move to prescription based medication (for ADD for example), a lower dosage is a must. We recommend no more than 25-50mg, until a ceremonial dose is experienced.

Do I need to take a break from microdosing? (yes, 2 weeks every 2-3 months)

Yes, we recommend every 2-3 months, taking 1-2 weeks off of microdosing.

This is important so that the body does not create any tolerance to psilocybin. 

If you do not take this break, the body will continue to require higher and higher doses, to receive the same effect / impact to our perception. 

This is important to not only build tolerance, but also create a shift and reset, which gives greater contrast to how the medicine effects us. Thus, making the medicine “stronger”, without actually needing to increase dosage.

How long do the effects last? If I take it in the morning, I’m wondering if I will be able to carry out work/home tasks.

On a more palpable level, the effects last about 2-3 hours. (Shift in perception/awareness, creativity, inspiration, possible emotions, deeper connection within). 

But more subtly, the energetic effects are felt all day. ie. More sensitive, feeling like slowing down, more internal, feeling all emotions more deeply, etc.

Either way, a true microdose (according to our guidelines on this page), would never “get in the way” of you carrying out any work/home tasks. It is intended to be used, even amidst all our regular daily responsibilities.

If it prevents you from doing so, lowering your dose would be recommended.

Does having a meal with the taking of the capsules slow the release into the body and are the effects less pronounced compared to taking it on an empty stomach—like in the morning?

Yes. It does. Not only does taking it on an empty stomach increase absorption speed, but it also keeps us more sensitive to the more subtle effects of the medicine. So the effects are less pronounced, and felt less, on every level (mentally, physically & emotionally), when food is consumed beforehand.

What do I do if I'm falling behind with the course work?
How Can I Use Psilocybin to Wean Off of Anti-Depressants?
Why do I get tired when I microdose?

What the medicine does, is bring a deeper sense of presence to ourselves. So, a lot of the time when we feel tired after microdosing, it is not the medicine that is making us tired. It is actually a deeper sense of being tired within, that is really just becoming extra palpable and clear with the medicine. 

This is a common occurrence, and you can take it as a very clear sign, to show you that you need to slow down, and give yourself the gift of more time, space, rest and rejuvenation. 

Everything you think you have to run around for, that makes you so tired, is more a program of running within you… rather than a true necessity to do so.

Look at what keeps you running, and dialogue with yourself, to see how you can create more space and time to rest and rejuvenate.

I become too sensitive when microdosing. What should I do?

If you find that you become “too sensitive” with microdosing while “doing things in the world”, I recommend you either take less, or spend less time interacting externally, and more time with yourself.

If you’re feeling like you can’t let things go, or you’re too emotionally sensitive, the best solution is to use these experiences as triggers to learn more about yourself. They are all here to show you an aspect of yourself. Why are you so sensitive or bothered about something? Dive deeper into the awareness of why you feel the way you do, and it will prove to be a valuable experience of deepening self-awareness.

It is important to take these triggers, and learn from them. Not just have them “effect you” but to understand what is it deeper within you, that causes you to react and feel the way you do? 

The medicine is making you more sensitive to how you normally feel, and what it is showing you about yourself, is an area where conscious self-exploration and self-inquiry is needed. It is a magnifying glass, for something to look at more intently.

This is how I would approach those experiences. Taking less medicine is helpful, but above all, using the medicine as a catalyst to help you glean a greater understanding of who you are, and why you do what you do, the thoughts you think, and consciously choosing to keep them or not… is where you can use this sensitivity, in a powerful journey of deepening self-understanding.

The more you understand yourself. The more you learn to let go of all that is not you.

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